Just Launched in Jacmel

I just got back from Haiti. I launched DLO DOUS on August 11, 2016 at a conference on Vodou economy in Jacmel hosted by Carole Demesmin Maroulé. Not five minutes after I sat down, the speaker, Norluck Dorange mentioned Florida Water and asked people in the audience why they didn’t create something of their own to use in its place! – So, I handed him DLO DOUS and he walked around the audience pouring it into everyone’s hands for them to sample! It was a magical moment.

DLO DOUS is meant to replace Florida Water, a fragrant cologne widely used daily and at festival times in Vodou and related spiritual communities.

It occurred to me that since Florida Water is produced by a company in New York, N.Y. U.S.A., and it’s use does not benefit the spiritual community financially, DLO DOUS could. It could be produced by spiritual communities for spiritual communities.

DLO DOUS is also 100% natural and therapeutic and re-introduces healing herbs and plants that have been forgotten in the push to convert Vodouists to Christianity and shame them out of using their traditional knowledge.

After Jacmel I went to Soukri Danache where their annual festival was taking place. I gave out many bottles DLO DOUS and it was very well received there also. It was very touching for me personally as I met the new Zinga, Dr. Grégoire Diénguélé-Matsua and had the same, very sweet connection with him that I did with Zinga Zael, the Zinga that proceeded him when I visited Haiti for the first time in 1989.

When I created DLO DOUS I was thinking of the “good luck bath” that Zinga Zael gave me and duplicated the magical aroma of the healing bath that I received all those years ago.

Dr. Diénguélé-Matsua is an African ethnologist. It is my hope and dream that Soukri Danache will have its own school someday soon and that someone like Dr. Diénguélé-Matsua will teach African History to the children of Soukri.

All that remains is to get the ball rolling with infrastructure so that Soukri Danache or another willing community can not only create income, but afford to give themselves what the government has not – much needed services. Most of these communities do not have drinkable water let alone running water, plumbing, schools or medical services. Malnutrition is a problem not necessarily because they don’t have food, but because they have disease due to contaminated water and the nutrients from the food they eat can not be absorbed.

If you would like to be involved please contact me at mary at marygaetjens dot com. I’d love to hear from you!